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    Long to Reign Over Us


    This summer, Her Majesty the Queen will mark 60 years on the throne, just three years short of the record held by Queen Victoria. To mark the occasion, George Pitcher explores the relationship between the Queen, her subjects and the Church.

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    The Gift of Giving


    Is generous giving just for the rich and elite? As Christians, how much should we give, and to whom?

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    Blood and Sacrifices


    Why is the Old Testament apparently running with blood? David Instone-Brewer examines the importance and the symbolism.

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    Have talent shows grown up?


    Is it possible to breathe new life into a tired old talent show format? Martin Saunders thinks The Voice has pulled it off.

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    How Can I Protect My Child From Abuse?


    Maggie Ellis tackles the difficult subject of sexual abuse, and how to create measures to protect your children...

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    Should We Cheer For England Tonight?


    Tonight I will be in the pub, cheering on England as our boys™ look to secure their place in the quarter finals of Euro 2012.The country, as predicted, has been taken over by it. Our once football-averse editor Ruth is singing the praises of Theo Walcott, while Martin Saunders is ...

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    The Power (Or Not) Of A Retweet


    Whisper it, but our man Martin Saunders inadvertently created an Internet phenomenon last week. The fundraising efforts and sheer big-heartedness of his oldest son Joel (6) took Twitter by storm, and to date more than £5,000 has been raised for Tearfund.As life-affirming as this was, an interesting sub-plot appeared towards ...