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    More Sex Questions


    Maggie Ellis tackles three different sexual issues, including lust and female orgasms...

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    Linvoy Primus: Why I am a Christian


    For about three years I was searching for the meaning of life...

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    Inconvenient truths - when justice and culture collide


    As Euro 2012 kicks off across two nations exposed for racism, and after this year’s Eurovision Song Contest took place in a country with a poor human rights record, Martin Saunders asks: Why does being entertained mean we turn a blind eye to injustice?

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    Colorado Shootings: Can Light Really Shine In Darkness?


    Last Friday in Colorado, 12 people were shot dead and 58 injured at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. The sound of live ammunition and screams resounded as James Holmes walked into the cinema and shot people at random. Among those who died was a 6?year?old girl. Those horrific ...

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    A Part To Play


    How the Olympic torch relay got me excited about evangelismIn case you haven't heard, in only seven days, the Olympics are coming to London. That means the Olympic Torch will be arriving at the stadium. I'm just a little excited. Fine, I'll admit it. I'm really excited. I would give ...

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    Is Sporting Nationalism Dangerous?


    'We are the people!' goes the classic chant of Glasgow Rangers FC (RIP). And what they mean is 'God's people'. Many Rangers fans don't mean it in this way, but enough do. 'The people' in question are Protestants. God's people. The implication is that the largely Catholic Celtic FC, and ...

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    What Can We Learn From Murray's Loss?


    Losing is hard. Whether it’s something as simple as losing a game, or it’s the end of a long-term relationship or not getting the job, losses happen.Losing is hard. Whether it's something as simple as losing a game, or it's the end of a long-term relationship or not getting the ...

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    The Importance Of Image


    How Andy Murray won the nation's hearts and John Terry lost them.Two of the country's foremost sporting figures are dominating the headlines this week. One is the people's hero, the epitome of bravery, a captain, leader and legend. The other is a dour Scot who fails to win round middle ...

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    Child Sacrifice


    Human sacrifice was once so common as to be considered normal. Did Abraham’s God endorse it? David Instone-Brewer explores the unacceptable.