Jiyun Baek

Jiyun Baek

Jiyun was born and grew up in South Korea. It was here she saw Logos Hope for the first time and began to dream of visiting the ship again. At the age of ten, her parents became missionaries and the family moved to the UK, eventually settling in Swansea, Wales. However, it was only during lockdown that she came to know Christ for herself. After her time on Logos Hope, Jiyun now plans to work to support her future travelling and missionary work. But most importantly she wants to follow what God has prepared.

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    Real Life

    I beat my anxiety by going on mission


    18 year-old Jiyun Baek became a Christian during lockdown and shortly afterwards set off on a short term mission trip. She explains how stepping out of her comfort zone to serve on board Logos Hope, has helped calm her anxiety