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    My husband has withdrawn


    "He never hugs me or says anything to show how he feels. I do not know if there is any feeling of love left for me..."

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    Mark Driscoll: Our Response


    Justin Brierley, who presents Unbelievable? on Premier Christian Radio interviewed Pastor Mark Driscoll on behalf of Christianity magazine. Pastor Mark wrote a blog post attacking the interview, and here is our response...

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    Should the Bride be Beautiful?


    In a world which says that attractiveness is everything, does the Church look any different? Or have we all succumbed to the cult of beauty?

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    Master of Manipulation


    Britain’s most notable illusionist may be a confirmed atheist, but he grew up as a Christian. Martin Saunders asks: Is Derren Brown a dark and dangerous influence on modern culture, or is he shedding vital light on areas of deception – including those within the Church?