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But do you ever feel too small to make a difference? Or overwhelmed by the sheer scale and complexity of the problem?

Compassion works in partnership with more than 8,500 local churches across 29 countries to release children from poverty, in Jesus’ name.  

We’re a leading authority in holistic child development, caring for children even before they’ve been born, all the way through to young adulthood.  

  • Our Child Survival Interventions keep mums safe during pregnancy and protect babies through their vital first 1,000 days of life.  

  • Our Child Sponsorship Programme empowers children and young people by providing educational opportunities, nutritional support, medical check-ups and the support of their local church. 

  • Our Compassion Interventions remove any additional obstacles preventing children from thriving, whether access to medical treatment, clean water, specialised educational resources, legal protection or shelter. 

So how do you solve a problem like poverty? At Compassion we begin with a child. When you provide a child with nutritious food, access to education, health checks and the care of the local church, the impact in that child’s life ripples out into families, communities and nations.  

We invite you to begin with a child. A child like Monica.

Caption: When Monica was enrolled onto the Compassion programme, she found herself surrounded by an incredible wraparound support package. A team of family members, the local church, school teachers, healthcare professionals, Compassion project mentors, spiritual advisers, and friends.

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