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Helen works as a sub editor at The Telegraph writing mainly about skiing and other snow sports.

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    John MacArthur denounces charismatic movement


    American pastor says charismatics aren’t true Christians The prominent Christian author and pastor John MacArthur has attacked the charismatic movement at his recent Strange Fire conference at the Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

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    Pity the poor 20-something Christian in our society. Bombarded on one side by a media and culture that urges them to have uncommitted sex at any opportunity, and on the other by a Church that tells them sharply that they should not (but they should get married and have a family), it can be a struggle. There are loads of books out there advising those trying to navigate the romantic pitfalls of modern society in a Christian way. But are they any good? Our resident 20-somethings explore these resources and reveal something of their own battles in the fields of love...