We review the new worship album from KXC’s Rich & Lydia Dicas

Find Rest

Rich and Lydia di Castiglione are part of the KXC Worship collective from King’s Cross Church and have written and released songs such as ‘All things new’ and ‘Kingdom come’. 

Sonically, the record is very stripped back. Many songs rely on piano and acoustic guitar as their primary instruments. There are minimal drums, but the occasional addition of an electric guitar creates peaceful, atmospheric soundscapes. Recorded primarily at home, the album is full of Rich and Lydia’s perfectly crafted melodies with single harmony lines that provide a very country-esque feel. Their new album Find Rest was written in the midst of the most tumultuous year. And yet during a year that has seen so much loss, grief and struggle, God’s Church has remained a beacon in many communities, providing a message of hope. This album feels like both a summary of the troubles of the last year, and a beautiful telling of the story of God’s presence with us through it all. 

There are a few familiar older hymns and songs: Noel Richards’ ‘To be in your presence’ has been reimagined in a calm, contemplative fashion while the 1920s Dutch hymn ‘Daar ruist langs de wolken’ fits perfectly in an album that looks to explore the presence of God. 

Find Rest is an album of reflection that is very difficult to find any fault in. It provides a beautiful listening experience; inspirational and encouraging lyrics; dynamic instrumentation and musicality that fits the message perfectly.