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    Dirty Secrets


    John Buckeridge on why it’s time to address the toxic problem of Internet porn

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    Comic Relief


    Milton Jones, king of the surreal one-liners, talks to Jonathan Langley about his faith and being funny

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    'They thought I was pretty odd'


    Ann Widdicombe is set to retire after the next election, swapping Westminster for walks in Devon. Here, the devout Catholic reflects on a career which has seen her become one of the most high profile women in modern day politics

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    Gagged and bound


    Half of all Christian men use Internet pornography. Some claim it’s the reason men are leaving churches in their droves. And yet, we’re not talking about it. So just how did it become the silent menace to the church?

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    Dido: home at last?


    Mark Greene reviews the latest offering from Britain’s most understated talent.

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    Baby making has ruined our lovemaking


    My wife is desperate for a second baby, but I can’t keep my erection and as a result am not ejaculating. I have tried Viagra but it has not worked. My wife phones me up at work to come home when she is ovulating and I am beginning to feel like I am just a baby making machine. Our first child is now seven years old and we have not had a sex life since he was born. His birth left me in shock because it seemed like everything that could went wrong. It was all very traumatic, worrying for my wife who wasn’t coping and worrying for the baby who we nearly lost. But she seems to have forgotten all that and cries at the thought of not having another child, whereas I would be happy either way. I don’t feel I could ever be honest with her about my true feelings about getting pregnant again. I feel trapped and wondered if you might have any advice?

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    Now is the winter of our discontent


    Have you learned yet that the objects of your desire delude you as well as elude you? Steve Chalke on the journey to true contentment.