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Struggling with post-Christmas blues? Why not bring some joy into your January with a new kind of party – one where you are chosen. Child Sponsorship has been reinvented by World Vision through their innovative Chosen parties. Here, it’s the children who choose their sponsors.

In these events, children are presented with information and photos of potential sponsors. They get to choose who they want to sponsor them, making the process empowering for the children and transforming for the sponsors. Matt Hyam from World Vision UK witnessed the joy and empowerment in a Choosing party in Pajule, Uganda, a region devastated by two decades of war.

World Vision’s involvement in Pajule doesn’t stop at these parties. They’ve been providing support since the war, running refugee and trauma camps and providing food aid. Now they’re helping locals learn to grow drought-resistant crops and cook nutritional meals.

Chosen was launched in Pajule in December 2019, sparking hope in a community that had long felt hopeless. Unlike traditional sponsorship programs that focus on individual children, World Vision’s approach is about lifting up whole communities, benefiting multiple children for every sponsorship.

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This community-focused approach extends to local churches as well. Matt notes an incredible unity among the churches in Pajule - regardless of denomination - thanks to World Vision’s work.

Join the excitement and be Chosen by a child in Pajule today. Together with others, you can ensure a future full of hope for Ugandan children.

For more information about Chosen, visit worldvision.org.uk/premier.