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Here’s a hint: it’s not to do with your willpower!

You know what you ‘should’ eat but for some reason, you struggle to do it. And that makes you feel pretty rubbish.

Can you relate to any of these? 

  • You wish you could stop thinking about food all the time!

  • You wish you could just eat what you want!

  • You wish you could stop at one serve, and not devour the whole packet!

  • You wish you could find freedom in this area of your life, like you have in others!

AND of course, reach and maintain a healthy weight and feel great!

You don’t want to keep living in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting or bingeing for the rest of your life. It’s exhausting. You want to enjoy life and feel comfortable in your clothes!

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As a Clinical Nutritionist and Eating Behaviours Expert at Fitfish, a Christian wellbeing organisation, I have assisted numerous individuals in overcoming these challenges.

Through our education and programmes, people learn how to eat what they want, when they want, lose weight, and feel great, with God at the centre of it all!

It was a constant battle for me too, being obese when I was younger and something that I just thought was my ‘cross to bear’ and my lot in life.

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I used to wonder how people were able to be free in this area AND be a healthy weight…it used to make my mind boggle!

So if it’s not motivation and willpower, what is it?

Let me share what I’ve discovered: diets, motivation, and willpower are dealing with the tip of the iceberg. They are like putting a sticking plaster over what’s going on but never actually solving the problem underneath.

To achieve lasting change, we must delve into the root cause.

Only then can we undo the dieting, restrictive mentality that we have lived with and widen our wagon so that we won’t fall off it anymore!

The crucial key to this is finding out what kind of emotional eating you are doing.

The great news is, I’ve created a quiz to help you to work out your own individual Emotional Eating Type.

I spent years on the dieting roller-coaster until God led me into freedom in this area and now I want to make the journey easier for you.

So, are you an Emotional Eater driven by stress, reward, harmony or negative emotion eating?

What will be your next steps once you’ve found out? 

Take the quiz and afterwards, I will send you a series of short, personalised videos giving you the steps that you can take NOW to find freedom in this area!

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I will help you understand what’s really going on and provide you with proven, God centred strategies to overcome it.

Oh, and you’ll also get our 5 most popular recipes ever including healthy Chocolate Balls!