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    Just had a baby, struggling with sex


    Maggie Ellis answers a question on sex after childbirth.

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    The puzzle of suffering


    How to reconcile a loving and powerful God with the presence of suffering on earth is an age-old apologetic puzzle with no easy answers. Greg Downes has a go at putting the pieces together.

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    PROFILE: Jeffrey John


    Gay church leader Jeffrey John made headlines in 2003 when his name was withdrawn from nomination as bishop of Reading. Nearly ten years on, he talks to Justin Brierley about gay marriage, Church unity, and life as Dean of St Albans.

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    Christmas Presence


    Cute as they are, it’s possible that tea towel headgear and tinsel halos of school nativity plays have somewhat diluted the impact of the story of the birth of Christ. Keen to remedy this, Ruth ‘lonely sheep’ Garner and Lucinda ‘Angel Gabriel’ Borkett-Jones serve up a selection of inventive ways to communicate the message of Christmas.