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    My friend is too needy


    "We have little in common and she is one of the most irritating people I have ever encountered..."

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    Profile: Martin Sheen


    Movie star, activist and self-proclaimed ‘radical Catholic’ Martin Sheen’s new film is about a popular Christian pilgrimage. As he tells Christianity about his own journey of faith, he reveals a passion for theology and prayer, and a profound sense of commitment and calling to social justice. 

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    Life online


    Not convinced about the Internet as a discipleship tool? Check out our guide to the best Christian websites out there...

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    A church in Chester is boldly evangelising in a council estate café and an upmarket shop, with some incredible testimonies

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    God save the King?


    Everyone will be talking about it over the next few weeks, but how much significance do the nuptials of Wills and Kate actually hold? Martin Saunders gets excited about the wedding of the year...

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    Genesis 1


    Was the earth created in six days or billions of years? David Instone-Brewer tackles Genesis 1...