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Imagine standing in a desolate street, once bustling with life. Now, you clamber over the rubble which blocks your path and the dust stings your eyes.

Imagine tears of anguish spilling down your cheeks as you grieve a loved one lost to devastating floods.

Communities across North Africa have been stunned into silence after two major disasters rocked the nations of Morocco and Libya. More tragedies for a region already wounded by immense suffering.

Now, can you imagine a church building that sits empty and echoey? No busy preparations for Advent. No twinkling lights, decorations, or festive food.

Christians in North Africa are forced into silence as restrictions tighten on religious freedom. Can you imagine finding your life in danger simply because you wished someone a “Merry Christmas” on the street?

Christians who have been silenced need a voice this Christmas – you can provide it.

Can you donate £27 to give Christians in North Africa a voice this Christmas?

Your impact this Christmas will be doubled thanks to a unique match opportunity!

Christians in North Africa are the vessels of God’s love. They are silently serving broken communities in the aftermath of recent devastation. But they need a voice. Our brothers and sisters are desperate for care and connection. One SAT-7 viewer shared:

“My uncle and his wife, along with five of their neighbours and two of their children, all died in these floods. I have nothing else to add…may their souls rest in peace.”

You can help Christians in North Africa move from silent nights of weeping to finding peace during chaos and pain.


You can give a voice to Christians in North Africa.

Others force Christians to be silent in North Africa. YOU are making their voices heard when you support SAT-7 today. SAT-7 brings joy to millions in the Middle East through faith-filled television and digital media.

SAT-7 ARABIC’s programme You Are Not Alone was on a production break when the earthquake struck Morocco. When news of the disaster emerged, the team started making plans for a special episode. Three days later, catastrophic flooding hit nearby Libya, and the need for a response intensified.

“Our crew could not stand by and do nothing,” said presenter Sirene. “If at such times SAT-7 is not with the people, as our programme name says, then when will it be?”

Your support keeps SAT-7 broadcasting hope, joy, love and comfort. These are the very gifts that we celebrate with Christ’s coming.

£14 provides two hours of vital follow-up for viewers who contact SAT-7, so they know they’re not alone.

£27 provides two hours of powerful, faith-filled broadcasting.

£41 provides two hours of broadcasting plus two hours of follow-up support for viewers.

“Lord, may You hear the cry of your people and have mercy” ~ a sister in Libya shared her prayer after the catastrophe.

Today, you are invited to be an answer to a silent prayer. Please give a special gift today; please give a voice to isolated believers in heartbroken communities this Christmas.

To give silenced believers a voice this Christmas visit