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The Stations is an artistic project reflecting on the Stations of the Cross and the suffering of Jesus through images and stories of today's refugees. 

Below are videos and interviews from those who participated in The Stations and creative director Marksteen Adamson.

Station 06 | Humiliation

Karzan the refugee

Marksteen Adamson tells Justin Brierley about the journey of Karzan, a refugee who features in The Stations.


Station 05 | Outlaw

Photographing the Calais camp

Marksteen Adamson tells Justin Brierley about meeting refugees at the Calais ‘jungle’ and the makeshift church as he gathered images for The Stations.


Station 10 | Murder

A modern crucifixion

Marksteen Adamson tells Justin Brierley about a powerful image staged for The Stations depicting a hooded refugee, waiting to be executed.



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