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This month Sam, Katie & Justin are joined by elusive designer Malky and the not-so-elusive Ruth Jackson to talk about fake news, hear about Pete Portal's amazing Cape Town mission work and discuss RT Kendall's end times article. We also hear from chart topping dance DJ Moby about his Christian faith and debate Princeton Seminary's decision to rescind a theology prize for Tim Keller.
This month Justin delves into why the church is split along racial lines, Katie talks about her research into why Muslim asylum seekers are converting to Christianity, we review a blog titled “Why Christians should think twice before boycotting Disney’s ‘gay Beauty and the Beast”, plus Sam interviews ‘jail-bird-glam-vicar’ Sharon Grenham-Thompson. Enjoy!
The team are back to talk about the real life world of exorcism and deliverance ministry in the February edition. Ahead of Marriage Week we look at an article by former family law court judge Paul Coleridge on why marriage is always the best option for children. What are the 6 lies that modern worship music tells us? Plus we look at the life of French theologian-activist Simone Weil and hear from bible scholar supremo NT Wright
Happy New Year! We’ve packed a lot of good stuff into the January 2017 edition. Sam, Katie and Justin discuss the conversation we hosted between comedians Milton Jones, Sally Phillips and Paul Kerensa. We’re all a bit worried about Sam after he went to a new age fair, Joe Ogborn has an atheist friend he takes to church every Sunday and we hear how Rev Richard Coles went from 80s popstar to media missionary.
With Christmas approaching, Justin, Sam and Katie look at how tor refresh your church’s annual festive offerings, plus Katie surprises the team with some fake beards! There’s also some serious stuff too – Jessica Kelley’s article on how she dealt with the question raised by the death of her 4 year old son to cancer and the legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Justin, Sam and Katie talk Trump as they look at Skye Jethani's article on why the US election is dividing evangelicals. Tony Campolo lays his cards on the table over Hillary Clinton and same-sex marriage. Plus Mike Pilavachi on everyday miracles, and we review Sally Phillips' BBC2 documentary 'A World Without Down's Syndrome'. Justin also sings a bit of Yazz.
New team member Katie Stock joins Sam and Justin to look through the latest edition of the mag. U2 have turned 40 (do you feel old now?). Why we are addicted to true crime documentaries. 65% of UK Christian say they’ve experienced the supernatural and Justin hears from Eric Metaxas on his controversial support of Donald Trump.
Sam and Justin discuss the big Derren Brown interview in the latest edition and the former faith of the mind bending illusionist. Plus we talk about churches luring Pokemon Go gamers, the Christian Doctor who says dementia helps her to hear from God, the millennials returning to monastic life at Lambeth Palace, and what to do when your church pastor falls off their pedestal.
Stand-up Comedian Andy Kind joins Justin and Sam to talk about the latest magazine featuring Andy’s cover story on reaching Corbynistas, Alpha Males, Atheist memers and more. Plus we talk about the rumours of revival in Reading, whether you can love your neighbour while kneeing them in the face, and we hear an extract from the profile interview with former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.
Justin and Sam talk about the latest magazine featuring the conversion story of TV comedy actress Sally Phillips. Plus the church plants that are reviving the Anglican church, practical tips on rediscovering family worship and 3 reasons from Justin on why God allows suffering.