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Justin, Sam and Katie talk Trump as they look at Skye Jethani's article on why the US election is dividing evangelicals. Tony Campolo lays his cards on the table over Hillary Clinton and same-sex marriage. Plus Mike Pilavachi on everyday miracles, and we review Sally Phillips' BBC2 documentary 'A World Without Down's Syndrome'. Justin also sings a bit of Yazz.
New team member Katie Stock joins Sam and Justin to look through the latest edition of the mag. U2 have turned 40 (do you feel old now?). Why we are addicted to true crime documentaries. 65% of UK Christian say they’ve experienced the supernatural and Justin hears from Eric Metaxas on his controversial support of Donald Trump.
Sam and Justin discuss the big Derren Brown interview in the latest edition and the former faith of the mind bending illusionist. Plus we talk about churches luring Pokemon Go gamers, the Christian Doctor who says dementia helps her to hear from God, the millennials returning to monastic life at Lambeth Palace, and what to do when your church pastor falls off their pedestal.
Stand-up Comedian Andy Kind joins Justin and Sam to talk about the latest magazine featuring Andy’s cover story on reaching Corbynistas, Alpha Males, Atheist memers and more. Plus we talk about the rumours of revival in Reading, whether you can love your neighbour while kneeing them in the face, and we hear an extract from the profile interview with former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.
Justin and Sam talk about the latest magazine featuring the conversion story of TV comedy actress Sally Phillips. Plus the church plants that are reviving the Anglican church, practical tips on rediscovering family worship and 3 reasons from Justin on why God allows suffering.
It’s another packed edition of the podcast as Justin and Sam leaf through the June 2016 edition of Premier Christianity magazine. They talk about the Queen’s Christian faith, why evangelists are giving out free hugs on the UK’s streets, when God takes over your church meeting, the global phenomenon of Muslims turning to Christ and Christian apologist Larry Taunton’s unlikely friendship with atheist Christopher Hitchens. Phew…
Justin, Jamie and Sam leaf through the May 2016 edition of Premier Christianity magazine and talk about whether anyone bothers memorising the Bible now we have Google. Also: How to turn your commute into a God encounter and we hear from Shane Claiborne on why US evangelicals are voting for Donald Trump.
Justin interviews creative director Marksteen Adamson about their collaborative artistic project The Stations for the Easter edition of the magazine. The Stations retells the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross through the images and stories of today’s refugees.
Jamie Cutteridge and Ruth Jackson of Premier Youthwork and Childrenswork magazines join Justin and Sam for a rowdy (mainly thanks to Jamie) edition of the podcast. Jamie talks about his Culture column for Premier Christianity magazine on Justin Bieber’s newfound Christian faith and the team debate the value of personality profiling for church ministry. We get an update on the Youthwork #LoveCalais project, and hear from prolific evangelist J.John and talk about his JustOne Emirates stadium event planned for 2017
Justin and Sam bring you some of the key articles from the February edition of the mag including Sam’s trip to Lebanon to find out how Christian believers there are bringing hope to Syria’s Muslim refugees. They also discuss Justin’s article on new theological ideas, including annihilationism.