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Author, speaker and activist Brian Mclaren drops in for a wide-ranging conversation with our editor Sam Hailes. The pair discuss a range of theological, political and social issues, including the environment, Trump and the relationship between grace and good works.
The bestselling evangelical author Philip Yancey is coming to the UK this September for a tour with The Leprosy Mission. In this interview he talks about his writing process, reading habits and why he doesn’t own a smartphone. For Yancey, recent debates among Christians over the Trump presidency are a distraction from what really matters. “I believe our mission is to create pioneer settlements of the Kingdom of God,” he says. “We’re supposed to be presenting a united front that demonstrates to people the life that Jesus showed us is the best life for the world, and to attract them.”
Long-time listeners of the Premier Christianity podcast will no doubt have fond memories of our former cultural commentator and all-round funny guy Martin Saunders. Well, he’s back this week with a brand new book The Man You’re Made To Be (SPCK). In this episode, Martin talks to Sam Hailes about banter, Twitter, mental health, Jesus, (not) watching women’s football and the Swedish method of Bible reading.
Vicky Walker has spent years researching Christian perspectives on sex and relationships. She dropped into the Premier Christianity offices to chat to our editor Sam Hailes about the results, which are detailed in her new book Relatable. Their conversation covers everything from gender stereotypes to dating apps and singleness to robot brothels. Is the dominant Christian view of marriage influenced more by present culture than the Bible? Are the stories we hear about finding a Christian partner and living happily ever after, an exception which has been falsely represented as the norm? And what should we make of the fact that many Christians have been damaged by some of the Church teaching they've encountered on sex and relationships?

Matt Redman drops in to the Premier Christianity offices to chat about his involvement in Thy Kingdom Come, the Archbishop of Canterbury's call for Christians to pray for their friends to come to know Christ between Ascension and Pentecost. In this chat with Sam Hailes, the worship leader also reveals which worship leaders and preachers he's most inspired by, and explains the significance of making public declarations of praise in places like Times Square, NYC and Trafalgar Square, London.

What if doubt doesn't have to be the enemy of faith? Lisa Gungor and Nick Page join Sam Hailes to discuss the unexpected benefits of pulling apart and re-examining your beliefs on this week's edition of the podcast. 'Deconstructing faith' is our cover story this month and the article features a variety of voices on doubt, questioning and what happens when church just doesn't make sense anymore. We also hear from Joshua Harris about why he regrets writing his bestselling Christian book I Kissed Dating Goodbye
The bewildered founder of 24-7 prayer, Pete Greig drops in for a chat with our editor Sam Hailes. The two discuss how to pray about Brexit, the wealth of different ways to pray and why Pete Greig believes revival has already begun in the United Kingdom. "Every single historical, theological and biblical marker - you can tick the box," he says. "We're seeing a massive increase in prayer - and that's always where revival begins, we're seeing extraordinary increase in Christian unity and almost anybody who plants a church now sees it grow. That wasn't the case a few years ago...Everywhere I go I'm meeting people who say people are responding to the gospel more than they used to..."

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When Jackie Hill Perry utters the words "I used to be a lesbian", she knows a backlash is coming. "When someone comes out saying: 'Hey, I used to be gay,' they are slaughtered, they are called bigoted," she says. In this interview, the author of Gay Girl Good God responds to her critics and shares the story of how God turned her life around.
Christians know self-control is important. But why is it so difficult? How can train ourselves to be more disciplined and form better habits? And what's the key to keeping those New Year's Resolutions? Drew Dyck delves into all these questions (and more) in his new book Your future self will thank you: Secrets to self-control from the Bible and brain science. In this interview with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, Drew unpacks the surprising results of his research and gives practical tips on how we can make 2019 our best year yet.
A new documentary is exploring reconciliation in Northern Ireland from the perspective of Christians who lost loved ones during The Troubles. The Kickstarter-funded Guardians of the Flame film was inspired by Lord Rabbi Sacks' words: "Religion is like fire and like fire it warms, but it also burns. We are the guardians of the flame." In this episode Premier Christianity's editor Sam Hailes talks to the film's producer and presenter Jonny Clark about justice, forgiveness and the complicated role Christians have played in both conflict and peacemaking in Northern Ireland.