Steve Chalke

In 1985 Steve Chalke set up Oasis Trust in order to open a hostel for homeless young people. Oasis now has just under 2000 staff, students and volunteers, pioneering educational, healthcare and housing initiatives in the UK and across the globe.

In 1996 Steve Chalke started Oasis Media, an integrated communications agency providing PR and production solutions to clients in the charity/social responsibility sector. It has also has a track record in the production of values-based television programmes for major broadcasters including ITV, BBC and Sky.

In 1997 Steve Chalke launched Parentalk, an organisation dedicated to inspiring and equipping parents. It now works across the UK and produces a range of resources aimed at helping parents make the most of every stage of their child's growing up.

In 2001 Steve Chalke laid the foundations for the Faithworks Movement. Faithworks exists to empower and inspire individual Christians and every local church to develop their role at the hub of the community. It also seeks to challenge and change the public perception of the Church by engaging with both media and the government. The Faithworks Movement goal is to build the most effective social action network in the UK.

In 2003 Steve Chalke became the senior minister of Christ Church & Upton, now known as Waterloo, London. The church, which is part of Oasis, aims to become 24/7 - always open, never shut, where no one is ever turned away, whatever the time of night or day. It is also the physical hub for a steadily growing global virtual community. has developed into a network of community churches around the UK and now includes Salford, Enfield and Bristol.

Steve Chalke was awarded an MBE in the New Year's Honours List 2004 for his services to social inclusion.

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