Premier Christianity magazine is the UK's leading Christian magazine. Our 'heartland' readership is UK charismatic evangelicals, but we seek to provoke, inspire and engage readers from the breadth of the Christian spectrum. We reach more than 30,000 people every month through the print issue, and hundreds of thousands online through our blogs and podcasts. The magazine has a small core staff and a huge range of freelance contributors.

What we do

If you want to know what’s going on in the UK Church, read Premier Christianity. We believe in connecting Christians to each other. We all know we have tribal tendencies – we attend conferences to hear speakers we agree with, we read books by the same speakers and we mix less and less with people who think differently. We don’t think it should be this way.

That’s why we seek to engage the breadth of the Church in the UK and beyond. Because we don’t believe that any one ‘tribe’ has the answer, and we have to keep talking to each other. To that end, you will find articles on theology, biblical interpretation, interviews, debates and changes and trends within the Church scene from a whole range of people.

But the magazine is not just about the Christian bubble. We have to do everything we can to connect to the world around us. The magazine tackles issues which affect the whole of society, including politics, international and current affairs. We also make sure we take a regular look at cultural trends – usually in music, books, films and TV programmes – looking for prevailing messages in our culture and how the Christian story can speak into them.

Finally, Premier Christianity is about helping you go deeper with God. The Christian life is not easy, but it is good. We want to help you through the difficult times and cheer you on in the good. We cover prayer, hearing from God, pastoral issues, spiritual disciplines...anything which we think might encourage your personal faith, and inspire you to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all here to do.

What others say about us

"Premier Christianity magazine is a vital servant of the church in the UK. With in-depth relevant reporting and analysis that is both fearless and compassionate, the magazine enquires, inspires, provokes and clarifies. I'm honoured to be associated with it, and have frequently pointed to it as a world leader in Christian publishing."

Jeff Lucas, international speaker, author and writer 

"It’s the sheer variety that I like – the variety of styles – funny, serious, passionate; the variety of topics – world, church, culture. And all of it, marked by the courage to take on the tough questions with both generosity and a deep commitment to biblical truth."

Mark Greene, executive director, London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

"I find Premier Christianity magazine a fantastic way to stay informed with what is going on across the UK Church. Thanks to a great team of writers, reviewers and journalists this magazine is essential reading for Christians leaders who want to be up to date. With cultural comment, the latest reviews and in depth features there will always be something you enjoy in each month's magazine. It's one of the only regular pieces of mail I look forward to receiving."

Dr Krish Kandiah, activist, author, speaker and consultant

Where we are

Premier Christianity magazine is owned by Premier and shares offices with sister title Premier Youth and Childrenswork, as well as Premier Christian Radio in Pimlico, south London.

Our story

There have been many incarnations of Premier Christianity magazine.

It started life as a black and white newsletter called Buzz, formed by affiliates of the coffee house scene of the late 1960s.

By the 1980s, the title had changed to 21st Century Christian. In the 1990s, under a new title of Alpha, the magazine started to produce a supplement insert called Youthwork, aimed at youth leaders.

In 1996, Alpha and Youthwork were bought by Trinity Square. Alpha was re-branded as Christianity. In 1999, Christianity and Youthwork were bought by Premier Media Group.

In 2001, Renewal magazine, which had launched at the height of the charismatic Church movement, was also bought by Premier. The two merged to form Christianity & Renewal magazine. In 2004, the title reverted back to Christianity.

In 2014, the title was updated to its current form Premier Christianity.


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