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Mobile phones are somewhat like Christmas dinners - delightfully enticing yet easy to overindulge in. While excessive feasting mainly impacts our physical well-being, the concern lies in how mobile phones may be affecting our spiritual health. This is of greater significance considering its potential eternal implications. As we usher in a new year and contemplate our resolutions, many might be contemplating renegotiating their relationship with their mobile devices.

However, before we take drastic measures and discard our phones, could we consider ways these devices might enhance our spiritual well-being and deepen our relationship with Jesus? Can our mobiles become a tool through which God helps us foster a stronger bond with Jesus this year? We believe that with some mindful usage, the answer can indeed be an emphatic “yes”!

Your mobile device can be a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual development. Here are five ways your phone could help you grow this year: 

1. Podcasts: These platforms are excellent tools for meditating on God’s Word. Whether it’s revisiting Sunday’s sermon or tuning into thought-provoking discussions like the Faith In Kids parents podcast or Speak Life, podcasts offer a convenient way to absorb spiritual content while going about your daily chores.

2. Apps: Mobile applications can help you establish a regular Bible reading habit. Consider downloading our simple, free app called Redeeming Time. This handy tool suggests Bible passages to read based on the amount of spare time you have. Regular use can help you cover considerable content over time.

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3. Prayer: A robust prayer life is a vital indicator of our spiritual health, though it can often be challenging to maintain. PrayerMate is a free app designed to assist you in your prayer life. It allows you to create various lists (like family, neighbours, co-workers) and provides a selection of items to pray for each day. You can also download prayer packs with suggestions for invigorating your prayer life and subscribe to feeds from numerous charities, such as Open Doors, to broaden your perspective.

4. Community: Mobile devices excel at facilitating connectivity. With intentional use, this feature can be harnessed for maintaining accountability, encouraging struggling individuals, and sharing resources. Consider reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or join Christian Facebook groups that offer support and resources.


5. Calendar: This often overlooked tool can be instrumental in planning time for the things that matter most. Rather than vaguely resolving to “read your Bible and pray more” this year, schedule specific times for these activities. Set a weekly appointment to read a Christian book, add reminders to share an encouraging verse with others each week, or plan when to host dinner gatherings. Our phones work best when they help us engage with the “real world”, and it often starts by making a plan.