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Justin, Jamie and Sam leaf through the May 2016 edition of Premier Christianity magazine and talk about whether anyone bothers memorising the Bible now we have Google. Also: How to turn your commute into a God encounter and we hear from Shane Claiborne on why US evangelicals are voting for Donald Trump.
Justin interviews creative director Marksteen Adamson about their collaborative artistic project The Stations for the Easter edition of the magazine. The Stations retells the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross through the images and stories of today’s refugees.
Jamie Cutteridge and Ruth Jackson of Premier Youthwork and Childrenswork magazines join Justin and Sam for a rowdy (mainly thanks to Jamie) edition of the podcast. Jamie talks about his Culture column for Premier Christianity magazine on Justin Bieber’s newfound Christian faith and the team debate the value of personality profiling for church ministry. We get an update on the Youthwork #LoveCalais project, and hear from prolific evangelist J.John and talk about his JustOne Emirates stadium event planned for 2017
Justin and Sam bring you some of the key articles from the February edition of the mag including Sam’s trip to Lebanon to find out how Christian believers there are bringing hope to Syria’s Muslim refugees. They also discuss Justin’s article on new theological ideas, including annihilationism.
It's a sad farewell to associate editor Lucinda van der Hart :-( But we have Star Wars to cheer us up and we also debate the charismatic world of Bethel church. Also from the January mag we hear from Gavin and Anne Calver, theme leaders at Spring Harvest 2016, & find out what craftivism is...
As Christmas approaches Justin and Sam talk about our December cover story “The 12 Nays of Christmas”. As well as discovering that Sam has TWO Advent calendars to open we discover why Christians are often reticent to invite their friends to church… and how to overcome it at Christmas. There’s also a look at amazing happenings at a church in Lebanon, Andy Kind on comedy and Christianity and we hear form the world’s greatest living explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.
We talk about Rachel & Andrew Wilson's article "When life gives you Oranges" on the practical and spiritual challenges of parenting special needs children. Louie, Justin and Sam leaf through other articles from the latest mag including Sam's investigation into how churches are reaching people on the streets, and Louie's lowdown on the best Bible apps on the Internet. Plus comedian Paul Kerensa pops up... Again!
Celebrating the 50th birthday of the magazine, Louie, Justin and Sam look back through the pages of the past and we hear from precious editors on some of the most controversial articles they oversaw. We also talk about the trend in Internet shaming and hear from completely brilliant Oz pastor and activist Jarrod McKenna.
Louie, Justin and Sam discover they have at least one listener to the podcast, after Comedian Paul Kerensa emails in. Plus we look at our list of thirty three 33-and-under Christians making waves (and one making controversy). Joyce Meyer responds to her critics and we talk about being stressed out and sending emails on the loo.
Justin and Sam talk about HTB's church planting strategy and we hear Nicky Gumbel explain it too. Plus: Are children born believers? What happened when Sam met the Mormons and tips for introverts in Charismatic churches.