• Did this pastor correctly prophesy the assassination attempt on Trump?

  • ‘We’ve given out over 4,000 Bibles on the streets of London’

  • Explained: CofE approves gay blessings for a three-year trial

  • The Keir Starmer interview: ‘I’ve seen the difference churches make. Labour will support them’

  • Your body is a temple. So should you join the war on Ultra Processed Food?

  • Explained: CofE approves gay blessings for a three-year trial

  • The Keir Starmer interview: ‘I’ve seen the difference churches make. Labour will support them’

  • ‘We’ve given out over 4,000 Bibles on the streets of London’

  • Your body is a temple. So should you join the war on Ultra Processed Food?

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New shoot

The UK Church is not in decline. There are signs of revival everywhere


Rev Dr Hannah Steele’s church in Peckham was transformed by the faithful prayers of a band of women who prayed for decades. It’s just one story of many green shoots of growth that are springing up across the Church, she says


If my loved one doesn’t know Jesus, will they still go to heaven when they die?

2024-07-12T14:41:00+01:00By 6 comments

The death of a someone close to you is a deeply painful time. When they don’t have a Christian faith, or we don’t know what they believe, it can be even more difficult. Will Dobbie recounts his own experience and offers some hope

Screenshot 2024-07-12 114013

Remove this ‘disrespectful’ painting, said the Christians. But what would Jesus do?


Michael Coren is no fan of this “insulting” painting. But the very fact it was allowed to be displayed tells us something important about the influence of Christian beliefs on the West, he says


The Christian faith of the England football team


Miracles do happen! Despite a slow start to their campaign, the men’s England team are in the Euro 2024 final. Ahead of Sunday’s game against Spain we take a look at the players who have professed faith in Jesus


Tim Farron MP: Why I didn’t swear on the Bible

2024-07-11T11:10:00+01:00By 1 comments

For the first time, Tim Farron MP chose not to swear on the Bible when he affirmed his allegiance for the seventh time in parliament this week. He explains why

Keir Starmer Labour Prime Minister

Labour says it's serious about change. The Church should be too

2024-07-10T09:56:00+01:00By 1 comments

It’s time for the Church to get serious about the things that really matter, says George Pitcher. And that means less time on same-sex relationships and more on the lost, the poor and the marginalised

Bukayo Saka

'I hold onto God's promises' - the Christian faith of Bukayo Saka

2024-07-08T09:06:00+01:00By 1 comments

As England's Euro 2024 campaign continues, we take a look at the Christian faith of Bukayo Saka, one of the new breed of England players better known for their hard work and decency than off-the-pitch antics

Sir Keir Starmer Labour Election Win

We have a new government. Here are 5 reflections for Christians to consider

2024-07-05T15:09:00+01:00By 4 comments

Chris Goswami unpacks five fundamental truths that can guide followers of Jesus during times of change


The Rishi Sunak interview: ‘Christians and Conservatives share the same values’

2024-07-03T08:59:00+01:001 comments

In this exclusive interview with Premier Christianity, the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak explains why he believes Christians should back the Conservatives in the election, and responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s criticisms over his Rwanda policy


The Keir Starmer interview: ‘I’ve seen the difference churches make. Labour will support them’

2024-07-02T08:59:00+01:003 comments

The Labour leader has promised a decade of national renewal. But in this exclusive interview with Premier Christianity, he admits he can’t do it without the Church

Preston23 (4)

Preston Perry: ‘I used to try and win the argument. Now I try and win the heart’


The apologist and spoken word poet on growing up in gangs, finding Christ – and how God convicted him about his old approach to evangelism


Scott Morrison: 'God provided the headspace for me to lead through those very difficult days and we were able to save a lot of lives'

2024-05-22T09:44:00+01:00By and 2 comments

The former Australian prime minister on the importance of finding your identity in Christ and why he doesn’t care about his political legacy

Fully Alive Elizabeth Oldfield

‘Fully Alive’: An honest exploration of the Christian faith


Elizabeth Oldfield’s new book is a non-patronising attempt to explain why Christianity is more relevant than ever in the modern life. It the ideal book for Christians and non-Christians alike says Emma Fowle


This film on Freud and CS Lewis won't convince anyone of God's existence

2024-06-24T12:18:00+01:00By 1 comments

On the eve of the second world war, Sigmund Freud invites a young Oxford professor to his house to debate the existence of God. Not long afterwards he dies of suicide. What did the pair talk about, and was Freud’s mind ever changed on the question of faith?

Screenshot 2024-06-17 115302

Dancing for the Devil is a disturbing portrayal of a Christian cult


This new Netflix documentary about a cult leader is hard viewing for Christians, but could help us identify the early warning signs of spiritual abuse, says Giles Gough


Unsung Hero is an inspirational story of answered prayer, but it could have taken more risks


The brothers behind Christian music duo for KING + COUNTRY have made a film about the struggles of their early years. It’s a beautiful tribute to a mother’s faith, says Esther Higham, but in making it all about her, it plays a little safe

prayer image

Praying for Haiti on World Hunger Day

By Compassion UK

World Hunger Day on 28 May aims to motivate each of us to play our part in bringing an end to world hunger. We invite you to join with us in prayer, for Haiti as a focus country as they face a time of crisis, and for the wider world.


God’s mercy gave us a ‘new’ father

By Compassion

With Father’s Day on 16 June, we wanted to acknowledge the father figures in our lives.

Header Image - Tony Beltran

A story that speaks of God’s goodness

By Compassion UK

Advertisement feature


‘There’s nothing reassuring about Jesus. That’s why I stayed away from him for so long’

Mythologist Dr Martin Shaw came back to faith after a night vigil and a supernatural experience of Christ


‘Football was my god – until I found Jesus’


When Wycombe Wanderers’ Jason McCarthy became a Christian, his family, fiancée and teammates thought he’d lost the plot. But thanks to a miraculous goal and a crazy dream, things soon changed

Mark Shortland Magician

‘Christians have nothing to fear from magic shows. They help me share the love of Christ’

Magic and magicians have often been misunderstood in Christian contexts, says Mark Shortland. He explains how he uses it for the gospel

Billy Graham in Trafalgar Square, London, 1954

‘70 years on from Billy Graham’s crusade, the time is right for another mission to London’

Alex Bowler gave his life to Christ at a Billy Graham rally in 1989. Now, he’s planning a twelve-week mission to London that begins in Harringay, where Dr Graham’s historic 1954 crusade started 70 years ago. Here’s how you can get involved

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 11.35.34

‘We’ve given out over 4,000 Bibles on the streets of London’


Discover what God did when two Christian teenagers decided to hand out Bibles in the middle of London 

Tommy H

‘I was shot at point-blank range – twice! But God saved me’


After surviving sexual abuse, drug addiction and an assassination attempt, Tommy Hanrahan became a church leader – and saw both his abuser and would-be murderer come to Christ


The station manager: ‘I pray throughout the day and God helps me fix problems’

The Church is made up of Christians from a myriad of different professions, and yet their ordinary tales of God at work rarely get told. In this series, we bring you stories of faith on the frontline 


‘We played worship songs in a war zone’


Worship leaders Mark and Carrie Tedder recently held ‘Concerts of Hope’ for Arabs and Jews in Israel. Their mission was to play healing music over troubled souls, but when the air raid sirens sounded, their own faith was put to the ultimate test