Jeff Lucas

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    Jeff Lucas on the day his house nearly burned down


    A couple of weeks ago, two nice chaps stopped by our home and promptly set fire to it. Which was rude.

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    ‘Have it your way’ just about works at breakfast time, but it’s a terrible way of running a church


    Want to confuse Jeff Lucas? Just offer him six different options for how he’d like his eggs done

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    Why it’s dangerous for Christians to fit in


    ”Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.” (Romans 12:2)

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    The book that changed my life - Jeff Lucas


    I stood outside the shop, nervous about stepping over the threshold. I’d never been in an establishment like this before. Pushing open the door, a troubling ‘ding’ announced my arrival, but my anxiety was quickly calmed by the reassuring smile from the lady behind the counter. “How can I help ...

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    I see you


    It happened during an evening spent in the home of a family from our church. Craig and Andrea are missionaries serving on the campus of Colorado State University. Their commitment is impressive, their home often crammed full of students. Their daughter, Zoe, is a little lady with a big smile, ...

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    Jeff Lucas: The day I met Prince Philip


    I only met him once, and it was a brief encounter. Prince Philip visited my youth club when I was ten years old. The preparations were intense. A bathroom was refurbished for his exclusive use. Regrettably, the royal bladder was resilient and he did not make use of the gleaming ...

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    Is your faith real? Try this test on for size


    Drawing on the book of Daniel, Jeff Lucas shares a lesson about unconditional faith

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    What a packet of out of date noodles taught me about mountains and molehills


    Our doorbell rang, the welcome announcement that our weekly grocery delivery was arriving on time. A rather jolly chap in a fluorescent yellow tabard (and matching mask, which made him very seeable in the dark) hauled in trays laden with our supplies. The ability to order online and avoid the ...

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    A note to the unnoticed servants


    It happened at the end of one of the ten-day trips that Kay and I lead to the Holy Land. We’d all had a wonderful time; there is something special about being in the place where the big story of God unfolded. When you stop by Jesus’ adopted home town, ...

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    His name is Patrick Hutchinson, but to me, he looks like Jesus


    This photo is a picture of grace, says Jeff Lucas

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    Here's why Judas betrayed Jesus


    Jeff Lucas explains what motivated the most well-known traitor in history

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    Jeff Lucas: How my dad escaped the Nazis


    Jeff Lucas shares a moving story from the second world war

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    Reviewed: The Netflix show that paints Christian influence as evil


    The Family has been billed as an expose of a "secret Christian organisation" who are "hiding in plain sight". But Jeff Lucas says the truth is far less exciting 

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    I see you


    It’s an old adage, and one I’ve never liked: children should be seen and not heard. Growing up, I experienced the opposite. I felt heard by my parents: they cared for me, yet I didn’t feel noticed. 

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    God's Hobby


    I always have mixed emotions when hearing about other people’s hobbies

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    Still showing up


    They are days that are consistently tinged with irritation. We generally refer to them as one of those days. You wake up with a headache to discover that the dog made a midnight snack of your new Ray-Bans, miss the bus on the way to work, and discover that your boss is actually a werewolf thinly disguised as a human being. Later in the day, you’re asked how you’re doing. You mumble, “All right, I suppose. Just having one of those days’.

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    All sit down: it's ok to do nothing in church


    It was obvious to all that my sermon was drawing to a close. Not only had I uttered the words much beloved by congregations everywhere (“and finally…”) but in summarising my key points, it was clear that I was preparing to land the proverbial plane

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    The sound of silence


    It’s a frustrating moment. You’re having an important conversation with a friend on the phone, when suddenly the line goes dead, usually at a critical place when they’re just about to tell you that the baby has been born, the stock market has collapsed or that chap in charge of North Korea has decided to volunteer at a food bank and revise his haircut.

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    The Doorman


    Being a man, and trying to be polite with it, can be challenging these days.

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    Never say never


    It’s a conversation that the now President of the United States bitterly regrets. Unaware that he was being recorded, he was caught making horribly abusive comments about the way he treated women. His exact words are well known, releasing me from the need to stain this page by repeating them. ...

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    Here Is The News


    It was an unexpected invitation.