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As Bible Sunday falls at the end of October, what better time to discover (online) pastures new for engaging with the word of God? Here’s our lowdown on the best in apps, websites and games to help you to explore the Bible

Could published Bibles soon become a feature of our past? You may feel attached to your traditional, dog-eared leather-bound Bible, but growing numbers of Christians are using digital apps to engage with the word of God, and studying the Bible through increasingly intelligent online software.

In a 2013 poll by the Internet’s largest Christian website, – which saw more than 150 million visitors to its site last year alone – just 2% of respondents said that their Bible reading habits had not been changed by the existence of Bible apps. Thirty-nine per cent said that thanks to the availability of Bible apps, they’re reading scripture more than ever.

One of the most popular Bible apps is YouVersion. The app is on more than 180 million devices around the world and in the UK, 2,500 devices install it daily. It is tapped on three times per second in this country alone.

Creative use of digital technology is also helping to get the Bible into the hands of those who might otherwise struggle to access it. Two of charity Mission Aviation Fellowship’s latest projects include providing audio Bibles for illiterate communities in remote Papua New Guinea, with the charity’s pilots and planes distributing small, solar-powered MP3 players loaded with a Bible or stories about Jesus aimed at children. MAF has also installed Wi-Fi Bibles on PNG’s buses, meaning that users can freely download the Bible onto their mobile devices.

With technology developing apace, what will be the next digital offering to shape the way we engage with the word of God? Earlier in 2015, Microsoft unveiled HoloLens, the first computer to enable high-definition holograms to appear physically present. So, holographic Bible anyone? Watch this space.

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NIV Audio Bible read by David Suchet

This includes the British text of the NIV and full audio narration by actor David Suchet. Select just one verse to listen to, or choose to listen continuously. You can also add notes and bookmarks to the text.

IOS  From £2.99

Bible Gateway

After 22 years online, Bible Gateway offers free access to the Bible in more than 70 languages and 200 different translations. Its website and corresponding app are visited by more than 18 million unique visitors per month.

IOS / Android / Kindle Fire / Free


A simple, advert-free Bible app that incorporates a broad range of free Bible-reading plans.

IOS / Android / Windows / Free

Bible Companion

Apps exist to help you keep track of every area of life; from what you eat to how often you exercise. The Bible Companion provides a range of progress tracking devices to help you develop good habits of Bible reading and personal prayer.

IOS / Android / Free

Neu Bible

Neu Bible simply provides the Bible text – but in a carefully-considered and beautifully designed format. If you are looking for an easy-to-read, distraction-free version, this one’s for you.

IOS / Free

Bible in One Year (BiOY)

Launched by HTB, the Bible in One Year app offers daily Old and New Testament readings, as well as a reflection from Nicky and Pippa Gumbel on the day’s texts. Those without a smartphone can receive a daily email with the content.

IOS / Android / Free

Got Questions?

Who was Cain’s wife? Are there dinosaurs in the Bible? What does the Bible say about gambling? These are just a few of the 439,557 questions about the Bible and Christianity answered through this handy app.

IOS / Android / Free

She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth

He Reads Truth launched following the success of sister app, She Reads Truth. Both offer reading plans in manageable lengths for men and women with beautiful text and imagery.

IOS / Android / Free

Ap beibl

Ap beibl – a Welsh pun meaning ‘Son of the Bible’ as well as ‘Bible app’ – was launched this year in association with the Bible Society. It includes three translations of the Bible, one of which is in colloquial Welsh, and is easy to use in areas with limited Internet access.

IOS / Android / Free

Bobby Gruenewald, founder of YouVersion

We’re trying to leverage today’s technology to help this generation engage with the Bible. The Bible app [YouVersion] has clearly been something that’s resonated.

We have 3 million people that subscribe to our verse of the day. Daily reading plans and devotionals are also very popular.

It’s very individualised. There are people using chronological plans or topical plans on relationships, anger, or other themes.

We definitely have non-Christians using the Bible app. Our app was listed as the most popular Bible app among atheists...if having a holy Bible icon on the home screen of an atheist’s phone is a bad thing, then I don’t know what a good thing is! I trust the power of scripture.

Now we have wearable technology and Apple announcing television-based apps. We’re experimenting with what the Bible experience looks like on some of these new mediums to increase engagement or connect with a new group of people.


Fighter Verses

Fighter Verses offers a variety of methods to help you memorise Bible verses, including songs and games.

IOS (£2.29) / Android (£1.89)

Bible Memory: Remember Me

This app allows you to use audio as well as word puzzles, such as fill in the gaps and randomly generated quizzes, to help you on your quest to learn scripture.

IOS (£2.29) / Android (Free)



PrayerMate organises for you the people, issues or needs that you pray for. You can receive regular updates from mission organisations and access Bible-based feeds, including a psalm a day, and a collection of 2,500 Bible prayers and promises. and

IOS / Android / Free

EXAMEN prayer

Modelled on the spiritual practice of the daily examen found in Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises, this app encourages prayerful reflection. It offers thoughtful questions themed around thankfulness and difficulties. Entries remain private, unless you choose to share with selected friends.

IOS  / Android / Free


David vs. Goliath – A Righteous Tale

Last year’s Premier Digital award winner offers a modern, child-friendly retelling of the story of David and Goliath suitable for 7- to 11-year olds. It includes more than 100 activities and mini games.

IOS / Android / Free / In app purchases £2.29

Bible Bedtime

Released by the Bible Society as part of its ‘Pass It On’ Campaign to encourage parents to read Bible stories to their children, these two Bible Bedtime apps tell fun, colourful cartoon Bible stories – complete with downloadable, printable images from the narratives.

IOS / Android / Free

Guardians of Ancora

A tablet game aimed at 8- to 11-year-olds that is suitable for younger teenagers too. Its offers an immersive, interactive experience of Bible stories, with new stories added regularly and no in-app purchases.

IOS / Android / Kindle Fire / Free

Incredible Islands

A biblical curriculum for children, providing participatory lessons suitable for use in a church service, children’s ministry setting or at home. Each lesson links to more than 100 online games and activities.

IOS / Android / Free / 5 license package £45

The Bible for Kids

YouVersion’s Bible app for children offers animated Bible stories, touch-activated animations and games and activities to help children remember what they are learning. Children can read along with the stories on-screen.

IOS / Android / Kindle Fire / Free

Bible Buddies

Providing you with cut-out figures and backdrops from your favourite Bible stories, this allows you to choose your characters and move them around on-screen as well as record voiceovers for them. The finished video can be played back or downloaded onto the camera roll.

IOS / Free / Full game £2.99


For a summary of the Bible

The archive of @BibleSummary tweets on is a handy resource for finding your way around the Bible. Its author attempted to summarise each book of the Bible in Twitter’s 140-character limit.

For Lego fans

Children and adults alike find a fun and useful way to bring to life Bible stories that can be harder to engage with.

For learning verses

Each week, a new Bible verse is brought to life with original content from the musicians and artists at Sign up to receive weekly download links to each verse when they go live, as well as a short meditation.

For Bible study

Many Bible study websites exist with commentaries on each verse, Greek and Hebrew translations and more.

For commentaries

Look up, a review aggregator for Bible commentaries, featuring reviews from scholars and from users of the website.

For short films

The Bible Project videos at introduce viewers to the main themes and sections of scripture through accessible, six-minute films.

More sophisticated Bible software

This is generally much more expensive. Try… (a free alternative)

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