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US Bishop reiterates Royal Wedding sermon of love in Christmas message

The American bishop who preached a sermon about love during the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in May has highlighted the message again in his Christmas address.

Bishop Michael Curry said in a video recorded at Bryant Park in New York: "In the Third Chapter of John's Gospel, Jesus says at one point, 'God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that all who believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life'.

"I've often thought that that passage only referred to Jesus giving his life as a sacrifice on the cross. And to be sure, that is part of what it means.


"But some years ago I was reading a commentary by Raymond Brown, on the Gospel of John, and Professor Brown said that that passage not only speaks of Jesus willingly giving his life on the cross, but it actually speaks of Christmas, of God giving his very self, his very son to the world, not for anything God could get out of it, but for the good and the welfare and the well-being of the world."


Most Rev Michael Curry's sermon entitled "The Power of Love" was heard by 2 billion people during the royal nuptials.

The Episcopalian bishop's passion inside St George's chapel in Windsor left many Christians in agreement that the opportunity to preach Christ's love was well taken and expertly delivered.

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