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Tony Campolo: I won't go to Donald Trump's prayer breakfasts

Tony Campolo has told Premier why he no longer attends US President Donald Trump's annual prayer breakfast.

The renowned Christian author and pastor formerly hosted seminars at the event in Washington DC but pulled out, claiming it had become to "politicised".

He said: "It has become so much of a platform for a political ideology of the right-wing of the Republican party that...he's in his element because the people that show up are cheering him."


Campolo, who was once a spiritual advisor to former US President Bill Clinton, also criticised what he perceived to be a leader who encourages Americans to look inwards.

The 83-year-old continued: "His big thing is 'America first'. You cannot say that if you're a red letter Christian.

"'Seek thee the Kingdom of God', Jesus says, 'Don't worry about this, you're the citizen of a new society'".

Campolo spoke to Premier as he marked the UK launch of Red Letter Christian - a movement which places a strong emphasis on the words of Christ in scripture.

Describing how the Christian viewpoint supersedes nationalism, he continued: "It transcends the interests of your own nation.

"We need to have a worldview - rather than a nationalistic view - of reality."

Usually held on the first Thursday in February, the National Prayer Breakfast dates back to the 1950s.

Click here to listen to Premier's Craig Wakling speaking with Tony Campolo:

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