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'Through God's Grace': Journalist reveals he's donating liver to his sister

Fox News journalist Ed Henry has opened up about how his faith led him to decide he should donate 30 per cent of his liver to his younger sister.

Speaking on 'The Daily Briefing', he shared how he had been "blown away" by both the support he had received from people that knew about his decision.

"What's most amazing to me is people are saying I'm being selfless," he said.


"I thought I was being selfish because I want to help my sister. Instead, I'm hearing people say, 'You're going to help other people'."

Henry first shared the news of his upcoming selfless deed in a column published on Sunday on the Fox News website. In it, he wrote he is "determined to do whatever I can to give my sister the greatest gift of all, which quite simply is life."

Henry said his faith in God, along with the support of his wife and family has further motivated him to support his sister.


"But you know, the amazing thing is, through God's grace, I can help, and I'm going to help," he said during his television appearance.

"And she's going to be great, as so will I, and Fox has been absolutely amazing."

Henry has been told that, within four to six weeks, both his liver and the portion he is donating to his little sister will regenerate to full size.

The two siblings will have their procedures at a hospital somewhere in the northeast.

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