Suspect arrested for deaths of Christian couple and fellow teacher in Kenya

On Friday 16th February three people were shot by suspected terrorists in Northern Kenya.

According to Kenyan news website, The Star, the North Eastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh said a team of multi-agency security agents found the suspect but two more are on the run.

The three suspects were identified as Maalim Yusuf Abdullahi, Daud Ahmed Mohamed and Abdirashid Ibrahim Osman. They were described as Kenyans who were working for the Somali-based terror group by Mohamud Saleh.

The murderers are suspected to be from the group al Shabaab, a Somali rebel group and, according to a survivor, one attacker said: "These infidels should be wiped out".

Two teachers and one of their partners were killed in the sleeping quarters of Qarsa Primary School in Wajir County at 1am. The victims were Seth Oluoch Odada, his wife Caroline and teacher Kevin Shari.

Seth and Caroline Odada are said to have attended church, it's not known whether Kevin Shari did.

An unnamed pastor said the couple attended his church and added: "We are very concerned about this selective kind of attack on non-locals who are also Christians in this region," the pastor said. "Our other church members are not safe.
Many of the church members, including teachers, have started fleeing the area to their home villages, and some did not attend the church for the Sunday service."

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