Rick Warren

Rick Warren 'expected to fully recover' after emergency surgery

Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren has been discharged from hospital after undergoing emergency surgery for an intestinal condition on Thursday.

News of the best-selling author came to light after his wife Kay was forced to pull out of a speaking engagement in Northern Ireland to "return to the United States to be with her family".

In the Facebook post from the Illuminate Women's Conference asked people to "please keep Rick, Kay and their family in your prayers".


Updating people on the pastor's health, Kay Warren commented under the Facebook post: "Hello dear friends - just an update on Rick. He is much better today!

"The surgery went even better than expected and he will be released in a few days. Things were quite serious for a day but he is strong and tough and he is on the road to recovery!

"Thank you for your prayers for us! I am keenly disappointed to not be with you at Illuminate 2018 - trusting that our sovereign God holds all things in His hands."


The Saddleback Church also told Charisma News that Warren's surgery went well and he is expected to fully recover.

"Please keep Pastor Rick, Kay and their family in your prayers," the church told said.

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