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Preaching that ‘Jesus died for your sins’ is not the gospel, says Jackie Pullinger

Explaining to people that “Jesus died for your sins” does not communicate the whole gospel.

That’s according to the veteran British evangelist Jackie Pullinger.

The author of Chasing the Dragon has spent most of her life serving the poor in Hong Kong. But speaking during an exclusive interview with Premier Christianity, Pullinger explained when she first arrived in the city, she believed preaching the gospel meant “explaining how Jesus came to die for your sins,” adding, “of course, that’s not preaching the gospel”.


When asked why, the 74-year-old replied: “Because that’s not necessarily good news to anyone who doesn’t know love, who doesn’t understand your language, who doesn’t follow your logic…The people there were not listening anyway, they were watching to see how I acted, whether I really did love them. And if I really did love them, maybe God really did love them.”

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Pullinger also spoke of the need for the UK Church to get on with “the job” of mission: “We’d better get equipped to do it, instead of living this life as if this life is it. It’s not, this is a very short life. And eternal life is forever.”

“We’re going to feel stupid for eternity if we wasted this life”.


The full interview is available in the January 2019 issue of Premier Christianity magazine, which is available now. Request a free copy at premierchristianity.com/Get-a-free-copy

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