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'Most of my battle with cancer has been won!': Anne Graham Lotz delivers health update

Author and preacher Anne Graham Lotz has thanked supporters for their prayers as she delivered an update on her health.

The daughter of legendary evangelist Billy Graham has been battling cancer over the past year.


In a blog post, the 70 year old said: "Your prayers have helped carry me through surgery and seven chemo infusions that have stretched out over six months. Praise God! Most of my battle with cancer has been won! Even as I have struggled with severe side-effects, I have experienced deep peace, unceasing joy, and great expectancy of blessing to come! Thank you!

"Now I face a month of daily radiation beginning around the end of this month. I also will continue an infusion every three weeks until October 2019 to help insure the cancer will not return. As so many of you know, cancer is a wicked disease. As God brings me to your mind, I would treasure your continued prayers."


Graham Lotz has three children. Her husband Daniel died in 2015.

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