Chesterfield County Police

Man wearing 'I heart Jesus' cap breaks into church and rips Bibles

Police in US are searching for a man wearing an "I heart Jesus" hat that was captured on CCTV vandalising a church.

According to officials, the suspect - a white male in his late 20s - broken into The Ironbridge Church in Virginia, ripped pages from Bibles, smashed a glass window and spray-painted the walls.

Surveillance footage from Tuesday evening shows the suspect making his way through an unlocked door.


Rev Gordon Mapes of the Chester Presbyterian Church told local reporters: "I hurt for the brothers and sisters at Ironbridge."

He said his church had also been vandalised four times in less than a month.

According to police: "This incident does not appear to be random."


People have taken to Facebook to share their disbelief with the crime.

One user said: "Such a shame pray for this troubled soul."

Another person commented: "People are so crazy and ruin property and inside a church hope they get this person very soon."

It is unclear if the vandalism at the two churches is connected.

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