Lauren Daigle first ever female artist to be top 10 of both Christian and secular pop chart

The Christian pop singer has branched into the wider music industry with gusto, whilst remaining popular among her Christian fans.

The American artist's song 'You Say' has reached number 34 in the Billbard top 40 in the US and has already spent 17 weeks at number one in the Christian Airplay chart.

The Christian chart tends to move less frequently but Daigle's single has the longest running reign in the category's history since it began 16 years ago.

However, it is in the 'Adult pop songs' chart that 'You Say' is at number 9 and has been in the chart for 14 weeks, making her the only female artist ever to be in the top 10 of both at the same time.

Only The Fray's song 'How To Save A Life' has reached the same kind of widespread audience when they charted in 2006-7.

Lauren Daigle's album 'Look Up Child' has remained number one of the Christian album chart for 15 weeks.

The singer received some criticism for her response to being asked about homosexuality last year but often gets praised for appealing to both Christians and non-Christians.

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