Kim Kardashian-West: Kanye is 'born again' and 'saved by Christ'

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian-West has said that her rapper husband is a "born again" Christian.

Kardashian-West was asked about Kanye West's Sunday Service on US talk show The View.

She said people have questioned if the heavily music-focused service has a Christian foundation. She affirmed that it is Christian and described it as a musical ministry.


She said: "People always ask, 'What are you worshiping?' It is a Christian service, like a musical ministry. They talk about Jesus and God."

Kardashian-West explained that the services started out as a personal project for Kanye, but they morphed into something that he wanted to share with others.

"Kanye started this to really heal himself and it was a really personal thing, and it was just friends and family," she said.

"He has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ."

When asked if ministers were part of the Sunday Services, Kardashian-West said sometimes Kanye’s friends who are pastors preach, but the focus of the service is always on music.

"Sometimes, in the one in Calabasas, he'll have friends that are pastors that are in town get up and speak. But for the most part, it's just a musical ministry," she said.

Kardashian-West, who was on the show to promote the 17th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, said the Sunday Service isn’t official in terms of it being a registered charity but it is “for God and a Christian church”.

Kanye is expected to release an album this month called Jesus Is King.

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