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Justin Bieber appears to confirm marriage to Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber appears to have confirmed his marriage to model Hailey Baldwin, months after he told fans their engagement marked God's "literally perfect" timing.

He posted an image of himself and the 21-year-old model on his Instagram page with the caption "my wife is awesome".

Meanwhile, Baldwin, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, has changed her name on the social media website to Hailey Rhode Bieber.


Announcing their engagement in July, Justin Bieber pledged to lead his new family with "honour and integrity, letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do..."

It was rumoured that the couple - who have been recently photographed on numerous occasions attending church together - tied the knot in a New York courthouse two months ago. Hailey denied this at the time.

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My wife is awesome

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Bieber has become increasingly vocal about his Christian faith since we was baptised in a bathtub by Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lenz four years ago, quoting from the Bible and sermons on his social media pages on numerous occasions.

During an interview at Teen Vogue in July 2016, Hailey said she was "raised in church" and that it is "very important for everyone to believe in the God that I believe in".

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