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Healthier habits bump out the booze from Belgian monks' beer

Monks brewing beer in Belgium have announced they will produce a new alcohol free version.

One of Belgium's most popular beers will lose the booze in a new drink.


AB InBev, the world's largest brewing company is set to launch a zero alcohol version of its Leffe beer.

It's normally made by monks or on license and the product is one of the country's most powerful abbey beers.

The original Leffe dates back to 1240 and normally has 6.6% alcohol content.

Attitudes towards drinking in Belgium are said to be changing. In a recent survey 62% of adults in Belgium thought they drank too much.

Non-alcoholic larger and beers have seen 30% growth in the market over the last year in Belgium.

The brewing process will not be altered in the production of this new drink. AB InBev will first let the beer go through its usual brewing process. The alcohol is then removed using a de-alcoholisation technique to produce the new drink.

Eoghan Walsh, beer writer in Belgium told the Daily Telegraph that "a zero percent abbey beer is a big departure from a brewing tradition you can trace back hundreds of years".

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