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Growing concern for abducted Christian women and girls in Egypt

Concerns are growing for seven Coptic Christian women and girls that went missing in Egypt last month.

Family members have claimed all of them were abducted by Muslims with the aim of converting them to Islam to marry them.

While all of the disappearances have been reported to the police, their families have accused officials of inaction.


According to World Watch Monitor, some have gone as far as alleging that members of the police force were involved in the disappearances.

Christine Lamie, 26, disappeared after being threatened on Facebook by someone she didn't know.

Bahaa Girgis, the husband to the mother-of-two told World Watch Monitor about the messages.

"Christine received a threatening message on Facebook from someone she didn't know, saying 'I will not leave you, Christine, I will take you even on the last day of my life'."

After reporting his wife missing he said when he went to the station four days later for an update.

World Watch Monitor


"I was surprised when the officer there told me that my wife Christine had gone to a police station the day before, filed a report that she wasn't kidnapped and that she converted to Islam by her full will," Girgis told World Watch Monitor.

"I know my wife very well - she would not convert to Islam by her will. She likes Christianity and she is very religious.

"She was forced to convert to Islam after she was kidnapped," he added.

"She was pressured and threatened to make her do so."

Briskam Raafat Mikhail Maher, 17, Sohag Governorate, a second-year university student, Rasha Khalaf Thabet Aziz, 18, Hoda Atef Ghali Girgis, 16, Mother-of-three Mary Adly Milad, 40, and Mirna Emil Yousef, 20, all disappeared last month.

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