Google translate tells you about end times when you type 'dog'

Google translate is telling confused linguists about eschatology. 

When typing 'dog' 19 times into google translate and then setting the original language to Maori, the search engine somewhat creatively translates it as: "Doomsday Clock in three minutes at twelve We are experiencing character and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus' return."

This was first discovered by Jon Christian at Motherhood and Tristan Green made this video to prove it:

Other examples have been posted across the internet, with Old Testament language being a common occurrence:

One possibility for this happening is that Google may be using religious texts as its training text for translations from languages with a less widely translated texts of their own - the Bible therefore provides opportunity for cross-referencing in many languages as it's widely translated. This also fits in with the idea of Google also wanting to provide at least a coherent answer based on the texts that it know, regardless of whether it corresponds with the nonsense written. 

Tristan Green says: "But, in a twist nobody could see coming, we’re going to say that it’s at least cosmically possible that the AI is functioning exactly as it’s intended — because it’s alive, found religion, and is now proselytizing."

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