'God's voicemail was full', WWE star thankful for prayer after cancer breakthrough

A wrestler has thanked the "so many people" who prayed for him as he announced his return to the ring, following cancer treatment.

WWE's Roman Reigns told fans his Leukaemia is now in remission, five months after revealing he was taking a career break to undergo care for his blood cancer.

The 33-year-old, whose real name is Joe Anoa'i, said: "Between people texting me and calling me and tweeting me, Instagramming me, Facebooking me...the amount of thoughts, the number of blessings, the amount of prayers that you sent my way is completely overwhelming and God-sent. Thank you so much.


"Everyone was at my aid and everyone was surrounding me with their love and support. I am telling you that so many people prayed for me that God's voicemail was full - to the max."

The father-of-three, who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in his early 20s, kicked off this week's edition of WWE's flagship RAW programme in front a live audience.


He continued: "I'm a man of faith, I've always believe in God, I've always believed he's favoured me and looked out for me but I'm not going to lie, I was terrified.


"I truly believe [God] was in His head thinking, 'Man, what is going on down there? All for this one guy? All these people?'


"That was the magnitude. That was how strong it was to be surrounded by y'all's love and y'all's grace. To be able to feel that, the strength that you gave me. I can do anything with that type of strength and love."

Speaking in October, Anoa'i, a Catholic, said he would accept "all the prayers" people would say for him as he announced his break from WWE. He said he was not seeking sympathy or pity because, "I have faith."

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