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Four killed in fresh attack by militants on Burkina Faso church

Four people have been killed in a church attack in northern Burkina Faso, bringing the total number of deadly assaults by Islamist militants on Christians in the region to four in four weeks.

A heavily armed gang on Sunday attacked a congregation as they worshipped in a church in the town of Toulfe, 240 km north-west of the capital Ouagadougou.

Barnabas Fund reported that local sources said the attack "caused panic in the village and many residents sought cover in their homes or in the bush".


The latest attack brings the total death toll of Christians attacked by militants since 28th April to 20.

The terror began when a pastor, his son and four members of the congregation were executed after refusing to deny their Christian faith and convert to Islam.

Authorities said gunmen attacked a Catholic church in Dablo, about 200 kilometres from the capital and killed a priest and five worshippers, before setting fire to a health centre and destroying a shop that served alcohol.
Four people taking part in a church parade in Zimtenga were killed a day later.

The West African country has been increasingly destabilised by jihadists from across the border in Mali.

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