Former conversion therapy minister comes out as gay and apologises to LGBTQ community

The founder of one of the largest gay conversion programmes in America has announced he is homosexual and has apologised to those he hurt through his 'harmful therapy'.

McKrae Game lead Hope for Wholeness - a Christian organisation that counsels homosexuals seeking to change their sexual orientation - for 20 years before being fired from the organisation in 2017.

In June this year Game came out as gay and publicly severed ties with the ministry.

In an interview with the South Carolina newspaper Post and Courier last week, Game condemned the practice saying: "I believe ex-gay ministry is a lie. Conversion therapy is not just a lie, it's very harmful,"
"It's false advertising," he added.

According to a 2018 study by UCLA's Williams Institute, nearly 700,000 LGBTQ+ people have undergone conversion therapy treatments or counselling across the U.S.

Game took to social media last week to express his regret for his previous work and ask for forgiveness from the gay community.

His Facebook post said: "20yrs in exgay ministry, I WAS WRONG! Please forgive me!

He went on to say that telling people "they were going to Hell if they didn't stop [practising homosexuality]" was amongst his "worst wrongful acts."

Premier has contacted Hope for Wholeness for comment.


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