Folau accused of greed for fundraising for religious discrimination case

Christian rugby player, Israel Folau has been criticised by his former team-mates for asking for donations to cover his legal fees in his battle against Rugby Australia, who fired him after he posted a message on social media about sin and hell.

The Australian full-back is looking to raise three million dollars through his online crowd funding project, to contest his sacking on the grounds of religious discrimination.

A number of former Wallabies have turned to social media to share their frustration at Folau's fundraising campaign.


Drew Michael posted a picture of Folau's legal action fund next to one for a sick baby, tweeting: "You are in a fight you chose to be in after you broke the terms of your contract, the kids below are in a fight they never wanted to be in and yet you think you deserve donations more than they do?

"It's no longer about religion, it's about your greed."


Folau's AUS$4 M (£2.2m) contract was terminated after a controversial Instagram post which said that 'hell awaits' sinners including adulterers and homosexuals.

Speaking to Sydney's 2GB, Folau said he stood by his comment: "My faith is what defines me as a person, it's who I am and it's why I wanted to stand up and fight [the decision].

Folau has already raised nearly $600,000 on his GoFundMe page.


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