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Date set for evangelism court hearing in Algeria

Christians accused of 'proselytism' will appear in court on Tuesday 6th November. 

Algerian Christians are requesting prayer for four believers, including three from the same family, who are being put in court because of potential evangelism and will appear in court in Province of Bouira, in the Kabylie region of Algeria. 

They are accused of “inciting a Muslim to change his religion”, a criminal offence, and “performing religious worship in an unauthorised place”, which goes against Algeria’s Law 03/2006, commonly known as Law 03/06 - a law that governs non-Muslim worship. 

Christian argue that the 03/06 law is unconstitutional, citing the Algerian constitution’s Article 42, which guarantees freedom of belief, opinion and worship.

The charges follow accusations made in July 2018 by a woman, 40, whose husband, 50, had converted to Christianity.

She and members of her family filed a complaint against her Christian husband, and also against a Christian family that had tried to mitigate a conflict between the wife and husband, accusing them of “wanting to pressure her to become a Christian.”

She said they took her to church tried to persuade her to leave Islam. 

The defendants were meant to appear before court 9 October, but the hearing has been postponed to 6th November. 

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