Councillor calls for tithing ban in churches in low-income areas

A councillor in New Zealand is calling for tithing to be banned at churches located in low-income communities.

Speaking on the AM show, Cllr Efeso Collins from the Manukau area in south Auckland said: "I've been challenging our churches. Why are they still taking from our families when they're some of the poorest families in the city?"

Collins said some people trying to uphold the traditional Christian practice of giving ten-per-cent of their income to a church were leading to people being forced to borrow money to pay bills.


Church-goer Maria Ale shared on the programme why she has felt pressured into giving generously at her church.

"The more you give, the more you feel you've got a right and a stronger say in the church.

"At some churches, they read out the family name and the amount. People love to hear their names and a big amount.

"As a low-income family, I agree tithing should be what you can afford. That's what me and my husband live by now."

There are currently no laws preventing Christians from tithing in New Zealand.

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