Sandy Valley Baptist Church

Church blesses community with envelopes containing $1,000

A church has surprised members of a community in Georgia, US by handing out envelopes with amounts between $100 and $1,000.

The Sandy Valley Baptist Church men's group independently raised $12,000 and decided to bless members of the church.

They had just one rule for them to receive the cash.


"Take it home and open it with your family and talk about the ways you can bless someone," CJ Holmes, who headed Project Multiply, told Fox News.

"One family bought a bunch of blankets and gloves and some fast food gift cards and gave them to homeless people with information on the shelters in town."

Another member tipped their waitress $500.

Many families decided to match the amount they had received before giving it to someone in the community.

A church member going through chemotherapy was gifted with enough money to cover their medical bills after one group joined the money they had received together.

80 families in total received the money at church on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

"We've been individually blessed and wanted to lead them in a project to allow us to bless many other people," Holmes added.

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