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Church abuse victims call for justice through law reform

There are calls for legal time limits in the USA to be reconsidered following a child abuse scandal within the Catholic Church.

Yesterday it was revealed only two of 300 predatory priests have faced justice in Pennsylvania after abuse was hidden by senior figures.

Current laws mean that when a victim reaches the age of 50 a perpetrator cannot be prosecuted.


Compensation cannot be sought once a victim turns 30.

Abuse victims want the law changed claiming the cover up prevented priests from being brought to justice.

Tim Lennon, president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said: "They knew for years if not decades of this vile corruption.

"Those in the church hierarchy went to great lengths to hide and dismiss the suffering of survivors.

"How many children were raped and sexually abused because the church authorities covered up sexual abuse and did nothing?"

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