Christian relief charity prepare as Hurricane Dorian threatens US

Hurricane Dorian is more than 100 miles away from Florida, according to the National Hurricane Centre, but the state's coasts is already starting to feel some effects.

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas early Tuesday, it has caused extreme flooding in the northern Bahamas and has killed at least five people.

Although winds have eased slightly, the storm is expected to make its way north towards the US east coast.



Randy Johnson, founder of God's Pit Crew, a Christian charity in Virginia offering disaster relief, told Premier he's concerned: “In our 20 years history I don't remember, I mean, I'm not going to say it hasn't happened, but I do not remember seeing 220 mile an hour winds with a storm.

“I am fearful that this is going to be a catastrophic storm for many as it already has been in the Bahamas.”

Johnson told Premier how he and his team at God’s Pit Crew are preparing, saying, “We’ve got a good inventory of product in our warehouse ready to respond with portable generators, blessing buckets, water, snack type foods, paper products. We will get those out first. Then if necessary, we will send crews in to cut trees and move debris and tarp roofs. Then we will search for potential rebuilding projects.

Johnson told Premier what his prayers are at this time, he said: “Well, we have been imploring our staff and volunteers to pray for anyone who is affected or in the path of this storm.

“We see the devastation first hand that these things can cause and we often talk about how many houses were affected, but with every home, there's a family affected. So we want to pray for them.

“We want God to give us strength and wisdom that we need to respond appropriately where we are needed the most where he would have us to be and that he would give us the financial resources to do what needs to be done.”

Dorian was a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph as of 5am this morning, it hit the Bahamas earlier this week as a Category 5, as powerful as a hurricane can get.

Forecasters say when Dorian does move it will be heading at the coasts of Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolina and could cause dangerous storm surges.


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