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Christian charity aims to sponsor 1000 girls in poverty by October

Christian charity World Vision UK is aiming to sponsor 1000 girls at danger of forced marriage or having no education.

It aims to get 1000 girls sponsored by the International Day of the Girl on 11th October.

Wolrd Vision UK's chief executive Tim Pilkington said: "Motivated by our faith, we stand with these girls. World Vision does not accept that they are second class citizens. We believe every girl has a God-given right to reach her full potential. Girls everywhere are standing up for their rights. They are breaking through barriers, raising their voices against violence, and setting themselves free."

The sponsorships will be used to get girls into school, stop child marriage, provide sexual health services, tackle menstrual stigma and combat sexual violence and harassment.



World Vision staff will also mentor the girls through school and train teachers to support girls through education and provide schools with clean water and girl-friendly toilets (such as those given out in the picture above). 

The staff will also help mothers spot the signs of malnutrition and set up businesses.

Molly, the 10 year old daughter of Ruth Tormey who works on Christian engagement for World Vision told Premier: "Jesus said to love your neighbour as yourself. Your neighbour is not just the person that lives next to you, it's everyone everywhere! Girls should be able to have clean water and go to school and not get forced to get married or go to work". 

Ruth Tormey added: "We want to ensure that 1000 more girls are empowered and given every opportunity to have their voices heard, to become leaders in their communities fulfill their dreams, because when they do, families are stronger and communities prosper."



Campaigns will take place in 10 countries around the world, including Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Finland and Austria.

The World Vision UK campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will include awareness of a menstrual hygiene project in Zambia, a karate project for Syrian refugee girls and a project to support pregnant teenagers in Uganda.

On the International Day of the Girl, World Vision will hold a girls' empowerment breakfast in London, which will discuss how to empower more girls.


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