Christian cake maker faces new lawsuit, legal team claim he's being 'harassed'

Jack Phillips, the Christian cake maker who won a discrimination case at the US Supreme Court, is facing new legal action.

The owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, was last year given the right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple on the basis of his religious beliefs.


Following the ruling he was asked to make a cake celebrating a gender transition which he again refused. He was once again cleared when legal action was pursued.

Now, once more he's being sued - this time over the same 'trans cake' with the customer claiming it's a birthday cake and therefore he has no right to refuse.

Alliance Defending Freedom


Throughout his ordeal he's been supported by religious freedom charity Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Addressing the most recent action, ADF senior counsel Jim Campbell said: "A new lawsuit has been filed against Masterpiece Cakeshop that appears to largely rehash old claims.

"The State of Colorado abandoned similar ones just a few months ago.

"So this latest attack looks like yet another desperate attempt to harass cake artist Jack Phillips.

"And it stumbles over the one detail that matters most: Jack serves everyone; he just cannot express all messages through his custom cakes."

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