Christian Minister condemns Trump's tweets as racist

The Senior Minister at American International church in London says she finds Donald Trumps tweets about four Democrat members of the US Congress "deeply troubling".

Jennifer Mills-Knutsen told Premier: "when I hear and see that kind of rhetoric it reminds me of so many years of prejudice and xenophobia in American culture.

 "It's deeply troubling for me as a person of faith and as an American too."



 The four Congresswomen are all American citizens. All but one were born in the US. But in the tweets, the president told the four women to "go back and help fix" their "broken and crime infested countries."

 Revd. Mills-Knutson says she rarely comments on political issues but adds: "I can clearly call out those words as racist, absolutely.

 "All of these women are equally Americans and to target them because of their race and gender or because of the birthplace of their parents or grandparents is deeply troubling.

 "It's not about taking sides as a Democrat or a Republican. It's about claiming that moral centre."

 President Trump has defended his choice of words, and believes many American's agree with him. 

 Jennifer Mills-Knutsen recognises that some American Christians are among the president's strongest supporters.

 But she added: "I struggle with my Christian brothers and sisters who will come to the defence of the president over really hostile words like these.

 "As someone who has a lot of opportunity to speak publicly, I think very critically about the power of speech.

 "And I'm always haunted by that section of the third chapter of James which warns us that the tongue is a fire and can be used for praising or cursing and sometimes both.

 "I pray - really, really pray - that (President Trump) would use the enormous power of his speech to build people up in love rather than dividing people and sowing the seeds of division."


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