Christian Blind Mission

Blind man pores over his Bible after transformative surgery

A Christian man left almost completely blind by a debilitating disease has been able to read his Bible and see his family again following transformative surgery.

Desire from rural Cameroon in Central Africa had been relying on his fiancé to read him scripture, before undergoing a cataracts procedure on Thursday

As the condition worsened, the 28-year-old father-of-four was forced to give up playing football and abandon his training to become a carpenter.


Doctors first recommended Desire opt for surgery four years ago but a shortage of funds left his family unable to afford the medical fees.


His plight come to the attention of staff at the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) and, thanks to donations, the charity was able to foot the bill.

Spokesperson, Katie Bodoano told Premier: "Desire will need to wear sunglasses most of the time whilst his eyes are healing, to protect them from sun, smoke and dust.

Christian Blind Mission


"Hence, the reason why he has glasses on in the house!

"Amazing that his first sight test is from the Bible!"

Images show Desire back at home - reading his Bible, looking through a photo album and playing catch with children.

Christian Blind Mission


Speaking before the operation, he said: "My challenges of poor vision live with me and get in the way of prospects and opportunities".

Desire was born with blue dot congenital bilaterla cataracts which causes patches of blue or white to develop on the eye lens from infancy. It can sometimes go undetected until adulthood.


According to CBM, cataracts cause half of the world's blindness, even though the condition can be treated with an operation costing as little as £24.

Christian Blind Mission


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